FHA Buster Loan

Did you know that on your typical 3.5% down FHA Loan, that you are stuck paying mortgage insurance for the life of the loan?

Did you also know that there is an up-front fee that is added on to the loan that will cost you thousands of dollars?

If this does not sound appealing, let me tell you about our FHA Buster Loan.

With our conventional alternative, you can put 3% down, enjoy reduced mortgage insurance costs, have no up-front additional premiums, all with great rates with loan amounts up to $453,100!!!!

With our FHA Buster, you can enjoy many of the great features of FHA without many of the bad ones.

For more on our 3% Down Conventional Loan, visit our blog HERE

So if you are looking to purchase a home and only want to put 3% down, contact Morgan Financial today!


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