Taking the first steps into purchasing a new home can sometimes be stressful. As a Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated and Veteran Focused company, we are here to answer any and all VA home Loan related questions. If you or your client are looking to get a VA Home loan, here are the first few steps they may want to take:

Talk with a Morgan Financial Mortgage Loan Originator

The best place for a borrower to start in their VA home loan journey would be to call and discuss their options with a VA Mortgage Loan Originator. Our VA experts can talk the borrower through their options and help an eligible veterans obtain their Certificate of Eligibility.

Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility

Obtaining this document is the next step in moving forward. The COE verifies, to the lender, that the borrower is eligible for a VA-backed loan.  While the COE proves eligibility, the borrower must also qualify for the loan with a VA approved lender to obtain the loan. When a borrower talks with a Mortgage Loan Originator at Morgan Financial, they can help them with this process.

Pre- Qualification

A pre-qualification is a discussion between a mortgage loan originator and a potential borrower regarding income, assets, and credit worthiness of the borrower. If someone is deemed “pre-qualified”, it means that it sounds like the borrower meets the guidelines based on that discussion. Just to be clear, these to do no have the highest probability for success.


At Morgan Financial (not necessarily everywhere) a pre-approval takes the pre-qualification a step further; all of the necessary documents are gathered from the borrowers, reviewed and approved by the underwriters, and any questions have been cleared up prior to being pre-approved. A pre-approval from Morgan Financial often holds more weight because of our positive reputation within our community.

Purchasing Power

Once a borrower has obtained their pre-approval letter, they are now ready to begin shopping. When a borrow has been pre-approved, they have had their income, assets, and credit verified by the lender. This paints a much better picture and allows the lender to confidently back a borrower. Furthermore, a seller will often take the bid of a pre-approved borrower much more seriously than perhaps other potential buyers who have not been preapproved by a qualified lender. This provided the borrower with purchasing power!

As a Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated and Veteran Focused company, we truly value working to get Veterans into the home of their dreams If you or your client is looking to explore their VA Home Loan eligibility this summer, look no further than Morgan Financial! Give us a call today or visit the rest of our website to learn more!