4 ways to celebrate this 4th of July!

Let freedom ring! The Unites States of America turns 243 this year and there are so many fun ways to celebrate right here in Brevard County. Here is a list of 4 fantastic ways you spend this Independence Day! Beach Day Fill up the cooler, toss in some ice, pick up snacks, grab towels, [...]

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Thinking of Refinancing Your Home Loan?

Look out for these 3 things! Now that the rates have dropped, you may or may not be getting bombarded with offers to refinance your mortgage. Before we get into the advantages, please be aware, there are many people out there who are looking to take advantage of others during these times.   Here are [...]

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1 Day Clear to Close Client Testimonial

“Thank you to Morgan Financial. You guys are wonderful. Another bank said they couldn’t close us for another 30 days and Morgan Financial did it in less than a day!” The Walsh Family came to us from a different lender, looking for a quicker closing. Their other lender could only have them clear to [...]

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The Morgan Express is has left the station! Morgan Financial's Team recently broke our 1 day clear to close record with a 1/2 DAY CLEAR TO CLOSE! Frank Fortino and the entire Morgan Financial team were so elated we could have this family so quickly!

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Why Choose Morgan Financial for Your VA Home Loan Needs?

How does Morgan Financial's VA home loan experience differ from others out there? Simply put: We are Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated and Veteran Focused. With a company founded on providing our Veteran’s with the best mortgage experience out there, you can rest easy knowing that Morgan Financial is here for you. Our staff, our in-office underwriting and our best deal guarantee truly make Morgan Financial the premier location to acquire a VA Home Loan.

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Why Is It Important That The Underwriting Is Done In Office?

Hello! This is Joe Harris with Morgan Financial and here is your “Joe Knows Mortgages MINUTE”. This week, we answer the question: “Why is it important that the underwriting is done in office?"  Most companies have their underwriting done in a centralized facility, far away from where the loan is actually being done.  Having in-office underwriters makes the loan process run much more smooth and cuts down the time for loan approval. Say one of our underwriters has a question about an application, they can easily walk down the hallway to speak with the Loan officer about this and solve any problems or questions right then and there.  Or conversely, if a loan officer has a question on a borrower, the can walk down to the underwriter ask how they would handle the situation. Having in-office underwriting is a huge reason why our current clear to close time is 9.88 days on all VA and conforming loan Thank you for tuning into this Joe Knows Mortgages MINUTE If you have any home loan related questions, we want to hear from you! SO please comment down below! Also, please feel free to like and share this information with your family and friends. See you again next Monday!

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